Need input on rejected track "Epic"

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I enjoy AudioJungle a lot. I know I have a long way to go to improve my work. Could I get feedback on the following rejected item so that I may improve? Thanks! Link follows:

Hey Starry… it’s a great piece of music… but some things are wrong indeed.

My two cents:

The mix: It’s a very bright mix… nothing wrong with that, But is lacking in the bottom end quite a bit. For something like this piece to be epic it needs that low end, low mid.
Dynamics: The dynamics are all over the place with the strings… it does buildup a bit, but then weakens at 0:38 for example… completely destroying the buildup and tension rising.
Piano: The piano in the first part seems to have no different dynamics either, just strong hits on the keys it seems. The piano also has a very MIDI feel in the first part, or over-quantized… sounds fake. The solo part sounds fine.
Percussion: Again, great idea… but they sound so thin and without “meat” if you know what i mean. Thicken those sumbitches up with that low end and low mid for a true cinematic epic sound.
Also, at 0:53 there is no crash cymbal… not necessary, but it would give that moment much more impact.

Hope this helps a bit… again, it’s a great idea just not executed well… keep working on this on as it is a great piece Starry!


Your feedback is awesome! Thank you so much!!! I look forward to listening to and studying some of your extraordinary tracks. Maybe I could study with you? Again, sincere thanks! Great and very helpful!

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I have listened to your track, and I agree with all @RobertSlump said, he told you every detail. Good luck!

Rainy -
Thank you! This is excellent feedback!

Hello friend. @RobertSlump’s comments are 100% accurate, but I’d like to add one more thing. Make sure to always leave some space at the start and the ending of your track. You can start your songs with a riser or a drum crescendo etc. It makes buyers’ lives easier! :wink:

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Awesome Voidcore. Thank-you!

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I agree with @RobertSlump. Problems with sound first of all. Problems with dynamic. Also I think it’s better to change some vst instruments (but maybe problem with sound appears only after mixing). Good luck! :blush:

Hi Lucky

Your comments are great and your music is awesome. Do you have any recommendations for Epic sounds or Corporate sounds?

Hi, @Starry_Music. There are many cool vst instruments. For epic works there are cool orhcestral libraries - from Spitfire, ProjectSAM, Cinesamples. Also very cool demos in new strings libraries from native instruments -
For corporate music you can use free library - firebird palm muted guitar

This is excellent advice. I have been using mostly Kontakt/NI (but not the latest), East/West and 8DIO and I see you are recommending these other libraries.I will try them .

Thank you for your generous help!