The Epic is reject. Help!!!

What are the mistakes? And I want to ask which drum libraries for epic are good. Thanks.

It sounds like a demo to me. Nice melody by the way, but impact is too loud, generally mix is not good enough. I hope this was helpful. Regards

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Thank you. If someone is not very difficult, take a minute and write your opinion! Please!

Well the sample bank is not up to par with AJ of today, the arrangement is niiice though. The melody should be with fat horns i think… with pondus!

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Thank’s for your response.

Hi @iarg!
Here’s my thoughts :slight_smile:

  1. Very thin sound. Not enough layer and reverb. Reverb in cinematic music is one of the nessesary stuff.
  2. For my ears, I sorely lacking a full orchestra. For my ears, I sorely lacking a full orchestra. Like middle strings, mid brass, layer as I said before, high percussion and so on. Try to listen more a good cinematic tracks and try to analyze and then repeat their sound.

You have a good potential. Good luck :+1:

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Thanks for the expanded answer.