License Compliance Services?

I recently got an email from License Compliance Services saying that I owe $425 for using an image that was not licensed. The image was part of the demo content from my theme that I purchased. I wasn’t using the image but it was out on a demo page that I never went back and deleted once I went live with the site. I’m wondering if this company is even legit. I did some research on this and apparently there are several bogus companies that do this to try and get people to pay them without asking questions. I also read that I should just ignore them. I also so that someone tried looking for the company on Google maps and the place didn’t even exist. I’m just wondering what I should do. Thank you.

You’re probably best contacting the author of the theme first… find out where they got the image from and what the licensing terms are for it.

That is a great idea. I’ll definitely give that a shot. Thank you for your help.