Licensing question after referral

Hi guys first of all its my first post here i joined and bought a theme which was really awesome. Excited at the prospect of coming to buy a second theme i found some discerning grey areas within the license agreements .

Let me roll back , i am a front end web designer. I have a decent knowledge of php and even better of JavaScript. Though what i do with regards to php is nothing compared to the work i have seen here.

Now here comes the question, i was about to buy a second theme for a client looking for website and graphic design services to enhance their brand look. They cannot sell directly off the website and there are no membership fees or anything like that, its really just advertising products and all sales happen in meetings with the clients.

I myself was intending to purchase a regular licence and re design this theme and then charge the client for the service of re designing the template according to the clients needs, my knowledge of marketing and branding, content writing, deploying it on their domain , configuring other things like emails and google gwt, and lastly being reimbursed for the cost of the license.

None of the original developers “marks” would be removed.

After that the site is then deployed on their domain and removed from mine , does this constitute as a re sale ?

I would mail directly but i hear envato refers people to is faq with any legal type questions.