Guys my license says it's taken can I please get an email from someone

Guys I need a solution to this, it’s saying license taken but we dont have this theme in any place. We’ve been redirected several times, we need help or a refund please.

You’ll need to contact the author. They have their own license system. Here’s their support page:

yeah we did that, no reply at all actually tried several times

You can open a refund request here:

ok will try that but we did get this email over a week ago:

Hi wizzurd

We have sent your refund request to webcreations907 for review. They will be able to approve or deny the request and may get in contact with you if they need to discuss any of the details. Any action taken by webcreations907 will be emailed to you.

If it has been more than 7 days, look for a button/link to open a dispute somewhere on the refund details page. If you don’t see it, open a Help ticket at

yeah even the drop down menu for products ive purchased is not updated, weird right? but I did another submit via the refund link , its always a big circle jerk man

I just need my theme approved please. I have the same domain but it says license not allowed or whatever. SO ANNOYING.

I like how the replies stopped coming in man…you were just responding minutes ago. lol

Well what else can I do? I already gave you all your options.

At, scroll down to the form, you can submit a ticket to Envato who can help you get a refund if the author isn’t replying.

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its easy giving options when you can’t get a simple refund or license approved. thank you though! great help.

update, still waiting on any help. No help so far. If the license says it’s being used and it’s not, then you’re screwed. WARNING to all the noobs here.

Have you submitted a ticket to Envato support? How long ago?

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about almost two weeks ago, they said contact the origin of theme, which I did. Nothing. They said wait for them to reply, they never did. Sad part its a stupid easy to fix mistake. I know it.

if I’m posting in here, it’s because I’m done waiting. Im mad its taking this long. I’m trying to just get my theme to work.

Unfortunately, I don’t see how you’ll get any help on the forums regarding your issue. Only the author could have helped you. Since they are not responding, only Envato support can now refund your item. You should contact them once more, tell them you still haven’t heard from the author and ask them to validate the refund.

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