License Assistance


I’m new here and I’ve been looking around at several clarifications regarding the licenses - in fact it’s become quite the task. Now I am left with these concerns.

With a regular license, can i…

  1. Edit the template to my needs or my client needs
  2. place my company name in the footer as “website by my name” or “Website from my name” (feel free to suggest a more proper term to keep the authors from hating me)
  3. sell it to my client after the editing of the template
  4. give my client full access to the theme for life-time (meaning no contracts where they’ll have to return or delete the website after so long)
  5. allow my client to sell their products from the site using an external source such as paypal, an ecommerce software, etc

Will I have to…

  1. literally send them a licence, or is that just terminology
  2. renew the template in anyway (me or my client)
  3. take the template back from the client in anyway
  4. restrict them in using it to advertise/sell their products?

I thank you all for the help!

Best regards,
Kevin Jordan

The answer is yes to all of the first batch of questions, and no to all the second batch of questions. The regular license allows you to create end products for your clients and charge them for doing so. The license is for life, so they can use that site for as long as they want, and to sell products from.

That applies to regular licenses and extended licenses. The only time you need an extended license is if people have to pay to use or access part of the end product. So in your example… people don’t have to pay to access the site, and even though they have to pay to order products, those end products (let’s say they’re clothes) weren’t created using items from Envato, so it’s all good. An exception in your case would be if the client set up some kind of VIP area of the site, where people had to pay to access certain pages with super special deals. That would require an extended license.

But for most ecommerce sites that people create for their clients, a regular license should be fine.


Thanks a lot!


One other question:

If I make my client a website and give them the license, at what point are they required to come to the Envato website (such as license transfer acceptance, license info entry, or any reason at all which would cause them to have to visit this website), if any?

Although I’m a very honest and trustworthy guy, I still would like to know what actions would they have to take at this site.

Is the license a document, a number/code, or a website form or what?


That one I’m not sure! Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than myself will be able to handle that one. As the purchaser, you get unlimited updates for the life of the product… but seeing it’s your purchase on your account… the client will have trouble getting those updates. I’m not sure… sorry!