Client problem with envato



Most of my clients do not have time to create an account and buy wordpress template.
Why can’t I just buy wp template for my client that way they don’t have to do that.
Sometime I need some support and I would be loging in to THEIR account and get the support which makes me very uncomforable.
Am I allow to buy template for my client using my own account?


I think there is absolutely no problem in doing that. The only limitation is you can use that template only for one client.


and also i think you will need to buy extended license


@BoomCoding Why would he need extended license? I think regular is enough.


Yes, you can buy the template yourself and customize it and update it on their behalf. Creating work for a client (using marketplace items), that you’re paid for, does not require an extended license. The requirement for an extended license is dictated by the usage of the end product. So in your instance, if people need to pay to access your clients website, you’d need an extended license. If they don’t, then a regular license should be fine.

It’s this bit that sometimes causes a bit of confusion…

Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users can be charged for.

The client isn’t the end user. People who visit and interact with the end product are the end users. And the ‘use by you or one client’ bit, covers you for your original question.