What I am allowed to do or not.

Hello, I’m interested in selling custom websites.

My plan is to purchase themes from Envato Market, customize them by changing the text, images, and layout slightly, and then resell them.

For instance, if a restaurateur wants me to create a website for them, I would buy a template from Envato Market, tailor it to match my client’s brand and business, and then sell it to them. Is this feasible ?

If so, what’s the best license or subscription for this purpose :

1) Regular License ?
2) Extended License ?
3) Or the monthly subscription starting from €14.50/month ?

I want to clarify that I won’t be creating just one website; my goal is to sell as many as possible.

Thank you in advance for your help because I struggle to know whether I have the right or not.

Yes, you can do that with regular license. But it’s for one end-product. If you sell that template to another restaurant, you will need second purcase for the same item ( and so on )

Okay, because I read that for a regular license, it’s prohibited to use templates for, I quote, “Use in an end product that’s sold.

In my case, I will indeed be selling the website, so am I allowed to do so ?

Or did I misunderstand that using in a sold final product means we just shouldn’t sell on the website itself ?

Regular License will be fine but for each of your clients will need to purchase an individual Regular License because each license will be valid for a single end product (website/domain).

If you purchase a license of any theme from Envato market you will get 6 months initial support and lifetime free update.

If you would like to go with monthly subscription then please note Elements is separate than Envato Market and not all the items on Envato Market are available on Elements. Also Envato Elements cannot provide direct technical support or advice on the use of items. Also you will not get lifetime free update.

Actually your role here as a freelancer and you are working for your clients. So, each of your client will require an individual license of the theme to use the theme in their website.



Okay, so for example, for this theme: Edifice - Construction & Building WordPress Theme by ThemeREX | ThemeForest, I can purchase a regular license (One license per project/customer) and I would then benefit from 6 months of support and lifetime free updates, if I understood correctly


Thank you for your clear and precise responses, I can finally make progress. Have a great day/evening! :dizzy:

It’s suggested to create a new account for all new purchases. Once the project is completed, you can share/give away the Envato login details to the customer/client so they could update their items later.

If you purchase everything within one account ( yours ) and if they want to manage the updates later on their own, it will be a problem as the license are not transferable

Alright. Because in my case, I usually host my clients’ websites. In this scenario, is there still an advantage to transferring the license to the client ?

As you mentioned, perhaps it would be best for me to create a new Envato account for each purchased license, so that if my client ever wants to host their site, I can transfer the Envato account to them, with the license ?

You can host the websites on your own, it’s another subject but for the items you have purchased at Envato, it’d be attached/connected to the account you have used for purchase ( for example “dougzzip” )

Later on, a year after, for example, if they want to manage their own items, you won’t be able to transfer the purchases from your Envato account to another Envato account - therefor you’d have to purchase the item once again. To prevent this kind of issues in the following years, it’s suggested to create a new account for each client ( on Envato ) and separate the purchases.

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Alright, alright, thank you for this crucial information. You probably saved me from something hahaha :smile:.
So, very well, I’ll do one license/one Envato account.

I assume it’s not an issue if, for example, I have 20 accounts on Envato all paid for with the same credit card? In the sense that I won’t risk getting banned for having multiple accounts, do you see ?

Contact support for that matter just in case and ask some details.