Letter Logo Rejected Help Please

Hi There! Why my logo rejected?
I added all files. 5 Color mode as 5 Ai, 5 EPS, 5 PNG formats.
Added help file etc…

Problem is just design? So its so simple and easy?

hi, as for me the problem that u are facing is about typo (being not worked out enough) and a matter of harmony because the typo is not matching so well with the logo itself and it looks in particular not that good when all texts are on the sideway , if u can fix this, your illustration / logo is very cool in my view, u have a good base to work with , i guess that approval not so far :wink:

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Hi ,

I have 7 years of experience in Graphic designing . If you want I can assist you in the designing of logo.

Please let me know .

Thanks and Regards

i can do too lol but i am not sure that this is what he looks for lol

So you saying problem is “text type”? did i understand right? Man, so hard to understand your grammar :smiley:

The text seems like so harmony to myself. Should i use a simple font type?

why did u write this my dear? I opened this topic “cause i need assist” why you asking this again? whats your purpose?

  • typo not matching
  • positioning not ok (when sideways)
  • using usual or plain typos is the N°1 source of rejections
  • if u feel ok with your typo? where’s the rejection coming from? the illustration? for me that’s the best here … by far

Thank you so much. I will change text type. And i didn’t include to EPS 10 files in main file. Is this might a problem?

this is for sure, but the surprising thing is that if the rejection was due to this, they would have soft rejected your item and would have let u know what to do so that u can have your item approved after fixing …

Please Need Comment of my logo hard rejected .
here link:

It’s not cool mate! Open your topic. Its mine… Someone will answer you. I wait two day for an answer here! And more days sometimes.

Whatever… My logo templates are not approved yet but u should use an imagery and an irony. Talking about just your illustration. Its just a flower. I would not approved this design.

Open a new topic. N2n44 has more technical information and experience. He/she will answer you.

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for me u have a rather good base to keep on working with indeed. The fact of the matter is that u have a good proportion between name and tagline. Apart from this, your shape is a cool starting point too. I think that now u need to give a bit more work, a bit more colors, a bit more effects so that it really looks either newer and more unique indeed , if u manage to fix just that and give a bit more work on your typo and typo association, no doubt that your item will be more likely to be approved indeed. What a lot of guys fail to realize is that typo is an essential ingredient here and that using too plain / too common typos is quite risky , it often breeds rejections

thank you for the compliment , indeed , 13 years of experience in the design world and 2+ when it comes to here :wink: