[GraphicRiver] Your item, Photo Logo - Photography Logo, has been rejected

My next logo was rejected and do not specify the reasons, many thanks in advance for some of your suggestions.

hi , sorry to say just this but globally the logo does not look good in , u have to think about many things and resolve many problems at this stage
1- colors
think about complementary colors, these combinations do not work
2- missing tagline
this is required and if missing as for i know they may reject only for this
3- typo is really not ok
your typo is not original, nor combining fonts, nothing is outstanding and it looks like the font was squeezed vertically speaking
4- a bit raw style
all is a bit plain and raw, introducing some relief here are then , would help to make the thing look more worked out and make people feel like they would rather buy and save time rather than redoing by themselves quickly …

Thanks for your constructive criticism.

I would like to know also, what things I should consider in the technical part, what files should I upload, and if you know some examples that I can take as a guide. Thank you.

I doubt the file types really matter in approval. Including at least three file types would be okay.

  1. Raw software format (Ps, Ai e.t.c)
  2. Special purpose format (e.g EPS)
  3. Rendered format (JPG, PNG e.t.c)

This is just my opinion though, I’m yet to have any of my logos approved yet.