My first 3 logo templates was rejected

Hello, i have problem with my 3 new items. It was rejected because it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward. I followed uploading guides, there was ZIP files with AI, PSD, PDF, JPG, PNG, EPS, Font folders. In AI, PSD, PDF is editable text. Logo template colors are main colour, white and black. Description was not long, but all features listed right.

I don’t know where i did mistake, maybe you can help me, thank you!

hi well, according to me u have a variety of issues with your logos … they are different types of problem depending on which logo we are considering, though, one thing they have in common is that the typo has to be reworked indeed …
for the frst one there is an attempt to bring some originality to the table through the typo but the combination and proportion between tag and title is not working in my view … i would also definitely take out the divider in between , too. I am not sure that u uploaded it when you submitted but the fact f the matter is that both a vertical and a horizontal versions are required …
for teh second logo, the illustration part is cool in my opinion, though the tyo part is way too common and flat in my view, not to mention that there is no continuity between colors of the illustration part and the text one … u should check the prportion between tag and title and make sure that they are properly aligned , too …

the last logo > well as for me, sorry to say just this but i personally read a c , not a “e” instinctively and this is a problem already … the shop part is very flat indeed. The tag is lacking and this is required here , and same goes with what would be considered as a “vertical version” , even if your item can be considered as both vertical and horizontal at the same time in a way …

Candies logo -> you know how to use software but this is not a logo, this is mess.

Fire things logo -> logo is nice (shape) - text is not, I mean fire things… what is this :slight_smile: make it attractive like “afterburn”, or “forFire” - catch eye and ear too (check technicals, logo is nice, maybe got rejected because technicals? )

e-shop logo -> no. Just no. Too easy :slight_smile:

Thank you.

peace. :slight_smile:

Thanks n2n44 and Novocaina! I figured out the main problems :slight_smile: i will try to avoid it in my second designs.



it cannot be hard rejected for technical reasons … as i explained there is a lack of harmony between color of illustration and texts … plus the typo is quite flat when they expect him to be original …

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Novocaina nail it. I like strait opinions and always a good comment makes my day. But if you guys don’t realize on this forum section we are only 3 of us trying to keep the flame alive. 3 years ago was a beautiful community here. Envato’s strong point was based on this forum/community but as you see this is now history.

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Hey, I’m also a newcomer here. So, how long it would take to know that our submission is accepted or not? thanks

Hello Brino, its about 3-4 days. You can check it here:

Thank You

yes this is certainly not any better now lol maybe part of teh reason is that some issues a bit teh same from the same guys , often, so maybe some people lost patience and maybe some felt like they could not express themselves 100% …