Rejected items, what to improve

Hi guys, I tried to put online this logo template a first time and it has been rejected, I thought it was because there was the studio logo on it and try to submit it again. Obviously, it has been rejected again.

Any idea why? Thank you for the time you will spent answering this :wink:

hi if u ask me this style has very little chance to make it here … there are too many details and as they consider the logo in very small size details are basically ruining the preview … in addition, much of a focus is given to typo here and without being bad, this is lacking font combinations or variations … the proportion between logo and text part is not ok … the text is definitely too small … it looks as if u do not have any horizontal version as well when this is required and the logo category is the only one as for i know where u can get a hard rejection for missing required versions …

Hi, thank you for your answer, I will have a look at that typo problem and try to make an horizontal version (even if doesn’t make sense, the very last added logo has no horizontal version as a lot of recently added have a lot more details… I’m a bit lost with this, the fact that there is a reject but not even the beginning of an explaination, even a keyword could be nice…)