Hard Rejected logo , Please help me!


My logo was Hard Rejected, and I don’t know why,
I will like to know where is the problem.
I have upload:
EPS( cs6,cs5,cs4,cs3,cs2)
help file
instruction file

I uploaded in dropbox my preview , thumbnail and the EPS to see my final how this look if you open it.

Can someone help me ?!

Thank you!


hi , well i have really much trouble to figure out why you item has been rejected indeed, as this is a great logo , the only thing that u may potentially do to make the tin look better indeed is to try to “decorate” it a different way, the shape is great but the selection of colors or effects that u set for the preview can be embettered indeed …


Hi n2n44,
Thank you for your response, I appreciate it!
You think the color maybe can be the problem,
One other thing, i have make all the logo option in one file ( positive option, B&W, negative option) in one sheet in different EPS(cs6,cs5,cs2…) Maybe this need to be in separate sheet,like one for each of them.
For the font : It must bee free for commercial use ore I can ad any font I have in my pc , and putt a link for the client to download it (even if the font is not free for commercial use) free for personal use…
In my logo I have use 100% free commercial use font , and I have put a link for the font in the help file.
Thank you!