5 logo, 5 hard rejection. help

Hello everyone , I don’t know what to do, 4 logo already had hard reject. I think the reason is that i don’t save logo in right format.

I am working in adobe illustrator cc and saving files in this formats: illustrator cs, eps10 it’s right or no?

please help!

thanks in advance

hi buddy, well this looks ok, as u are supposed to provide a version 10 eps file and a ai or eps version in the version that u are using, i think that what u fail to realize is that u probably did not get rejected for technical reasons … . Normally, if u ever submit something that the marketplace is interested in , tun they will guide through the requirements and make sure that u can repost and u can get the approval so that the item gets in the catalogue of items available … . Normally technical problems do not breed hard rejections , but soft ones and hard ones are related to copyright issues or matter of quality or uniqueness , so i assume that , for some reason, they were not interested in your items … . the best for you is to post some previews of hard rejected items so that we can let u know what we think about your items …

Agreed post your preview

yes please post and we’ll tell you how we feel and what we think :wink:

The fonts are a bit dated, there’s too much spacing in the letters, the colours are a bit confused and the icons look a bit too generic. Pretty good apart from that.