Logo Preparation - Avoiding Rejection


I’m a new author and just had my first upload hard rejected to the logo templates category. I have another logo in the works I’d like to submit, but wanted some feedback before trying again.

After my first upload I reviewed the “Logo Templates Submission Requirements” and realized the only 2 things I didn’t include were an EPS10 file and I only included a link to the fonts used in my help guide. I did provide an EPS file, it just wasn’t saved to version 10. And I did provide links and names to both fonts used, I just didn’t include them in the item description as well as the help file. Would just missing these 2 elements be enough to warrant a hard rejection?

If so, I’ll make the adjustments on my next logo submission. If not, I guess it was something wrong with the file…


Here’s my logo as well, for reference.



Hi , it’s just need more improvements , and try again ! , good lock