Help and feedback regarding rejected logo template.

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I have just found out that my logo template I submitted the other day has been rejected, I am unsure if this is a hard or soft reject below is a part of the email I received so I am assuming it could be a hard reject:

"Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Predator Logo” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

We appreciate the effort and time you’ve put into creating your item. And we’d be happy to help make sure your next entry will meet our submission requirements."

I have attached an image of my submission and would greatly appreciate any feedback and helpful advice, moving forward as I also assume I am unable to resubmit if significant changes are applied.

One issue I found when preparing my files was trying to save as EPS10, where I found my text was turned into wither paths or broken. After consultation with Author support, they allowed me to submit two EPS files one v10 and one v11, for the review board. However, I still fear text maybe has played a part in the rejection, but I honestly would not know. Based on the suggestions in the email to gain feedback in the forum, I think this to be a fantastic idea to consult with like-minded authors/practitioners to gain advice and feedback.

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Overall I like your logo. But, in my opinion the eyes can be improved. The position of the eyes is slightly off and the shape doesn’t follow the head volume. You can add some details like scars or different hair shape in order to avoid the perfect symmetry. Also the crown is not so well integrated.

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hi buddy i rather agree with in a general way , though , he may have done some of these things for creative matters, like for the crown for instance, and i tend believe that if the logo was rejected that was not probably because of this ,as it seems to be a sort of “detail” so to speak (even if details matter for sure). As for me the cause of the rejection is more about the typo, for me at least this time this is original but the combination and main font are not so attractive all the same and maybe the spacing between the illustration and name and tagline do not help indeed

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Thank you both for your helpful and constructive criticism, both have helped greatly and have touched on areas I can see the possible causes of this rejection.

Regarding your feedback @DesignSomething, I had a feeling the eyes would possibly be an issue I suppose they look kind of crossed eyed. I went through numerous versions, they were either too big, too small or to evil sinister. As you said maybe if I did not make it a perfect symmetry, a more viable solution could have presented itself in the motif.

@n2n44 I completely understand and agree with your feedback, after receiving the rejection I had a feeling the typography might have played a part. I feel the “Tagline” style was ok, I was kind of risking it with the main typo styling I feel a strong modern Sans was potentially the right choice but maybe not too much gimmicky. In terms of the positioning, I have started placing my designs in the Golden Ratio in order to get more consistency in the spacing etc. But in this case, I feel as you said I could have been out on this, but like many things, it is trial and error and learning from one’s mistakes.

I want to both thank and praise both of you, while rejection is difficult you just need to keep improving and persisting. I wish i new and thought about the forum before I submitted, that way I could of correcting any issues and increased the chances of approval or even a soft rejection. I have learnt my lesson and will present future designs to the forum for feedback before submitting in future. Again thank you both, I really appreciate the guidance and help.

indeed, buddy, most of the rejections , especially in this category have something to do with typo, also because this part is probably not the easiest one to handle for a designer … u know , well there are things that help u optimize designs in a general way but if there were any special recipe working all the time, i guess that the whole of us would know it now and would apply it lol. Sometimes, by the way , we are feeling that we are doing things the right way theory-wise though we are failing to reach the bull’s eye all the same, this is normal

what u said is definitely right , u have to stick to doing your best anyways, some rejections are also justified by the fact that standards are going up all the time as there are many guys in town and a maelstrom of items already

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I could not agree more, I originally uploaded two logos two years ago both were rejected. But I was not very experienced back then, I have recently just finished a degree course where I have been able to refine my skill set. Also, it has enabled me to be able to take constructive criticism well and learn from it, as I have done here. Typography can be a killer at times, something that many (myself included) at times think “How hard can it be?” is actually a very complex element at times.

I’m actually new to this forum @n2n44, I wondered if I could pick your brains. Looking through the forum a lot of the topics are regarding rejections, is it possible to share a logo before submission to get feedback? Or is the forum solely for feedback after rejection do you know?

Lastly, it has been a pleasure to connect with you and hearing your design views.