Hard Logo Template Rejection

Hey, Guys :wink:

I need help with my Logo Templates. Have no Idea why I am getting hard rejection… Tried over 10 uploads, and always the same - hard rejection

  1. Then I saving file to EPS 10, my text is messed up, so goes to outlines or align is incorrect after saving, but I read, that if I provide EPS CS or Others it is cool by Envato… So I uploads EPS CS, CS5 and CC al the time.
  2. As I am not graphic designer, can some one tells me, I need to create files with pt or px? Can it be a problem?
  3. In guidelines there are written about swatches… What exactly I need to do with them? I bought some logos from GF, but all colors was base, no additional swatches created…
    And i don`t know now is because of my logos or because I save wrong or etc…

Thanks for help.

Here some of my attempts, are they so bad? :confused:

Excuse my English
I think the problem comes from that it is too easy ,must give a touch of complexity ,
Which was about working time?

Yeh, I cant say its was hard to create this ones, but then I look into GF logo market, I can found lots of very simple designs - heart from dots, only one letter, etc… End I do not understand that… I got feeling that something is wrong with my files, but they do not tell me nothing … :slight_smile: I have uploaded game backgrounds and there was no problem with them…

hi, well indeed i think that your logos are rather cool but i ma not surprised that they did not make it as u did not put enough efforts in the typo and typo combinations that u are using and here this is a fatal error , u can forget about having an item approved unless u do bring a good, harmonious work and pay attention about this indeed , but u have a cool base to work with and if u do there’s no reason why it would not work

Thank you for answers. Will try to find better combos for text… :slight_smile:

hi buddy, don’t worry, if they like your file , they tell you what’s wrong with the way u prepared it , u can modify and re-submit … i have never seen any hard rejection for preparation of files in my case (but maybe it does exist … i don’t think so), however u can have some easily for posting in the wrong category …


I did it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Need to figure out how :DDD

this is how u really get lost in the policy id what’s being done here … most of the rejection are due to too “plain” font , u have some plain ones here and it makes it all the same … as for me, anyway, i think that this work is really good and should make it , so that’s fine, but guidelines are far from being clear sometimes …