Logo template hard rejected...


Hello everyone, I had my logo hard rejected but I can’t figured out what is going on, is it the logo itself? or could be the other files (help.txt, preview, etc.).

preview here enter link description here


hi, indeed i think that this type of item maybe working if u are freelancing and offering directly to a customer but i think that u have approximately no chance at all to have any item like this approved here as they are sticking to some standards and will not allow some creative choices that they will judge as not fitting a large number enough of potential customers … . Here , u need to have the logo clearly outside of the typo and u need to pay very uch attention about the typo (which is the only part that customer can edit to their own taste , so does it make sense? well all will have their opinion on the subject …), i mean apart from colors. Besides, i ten to believe that part of the reasons why the logo has been rejected is because they do not have some satisfying enough typo wise , i think u need to find a top creating more homogeneity and more in keeping with the “style of activity”. If i were u would also keep only a tag line and nothing on top of the logo … plus would justify things either in the middle or on the left but u have to stick to one way or the other …


Ok, thanks for the comments, I’ll give it a try.


u are welcome