Logo hard reject. Again ...

Hello, all my logo templates was been rejected. But i don’t understand why. It’s technical problems or aestethic? Please, help me.

Hi @Ewgos,
It’s not necessary to share the .ai file of your design to get feedbacks on your design, a JPG image should do be enough to get feedbacks.
Please remove the link and post an image of your design.

Link removed. But i want hear about Ai, maybe it’s technical problems…
p.s. sorry for bad english

Just gone ahead and tidied up the post so nobody else can see the previous revision containing the .ai link. Thanks @OsamaSayegh :slight_smile:

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hi for me it was legitimately rejected, the fact of the matter is that the idea and the logo are really too plain and lacking originality , opus u have much of an issue when it comes to typo, if u keep o,n posting logos with this king of typo here , u can rest assured, u’ll get plenty of rejections as they do not accept plain typos normally …

Hi there.
Some feedback: try to make the X font bolder. Maybe to include in a circle or something… And the X size smaller. Smaller and bolder. As for the color combination, you can replace the dark brown with a dark / blueish gray.
See if it works. Good luck.

And the font, I think is Open Sans or similar, is too regular, try finding another one.

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ys he’s vert unlikely to go through with a too regular font, that’s what i was explaining also … even if i do not necessarily agree with this because people make too much of a big deal for typo in the logo section here (let’s face it that’s the only element that customers can change easily with the colors of the logo, so they are likely to personify the work to their taste by changing the font) , i think he should identify that this is quite impossible to make it in tis section unless u come up with a “particular font” and font style

Thanks for your messages. It is new rejected logo. What’s a problems? Maybe i was wrong create the EPS (8 on screen) ? 2000x1600 px, cmyk, Open Sans used (editable), layered, not included rastered elements, so…why? I’m begginer to working with illustrator, maybe i used it wrong? Or it is aesthetic problem?
—delete img

hi, in the first place u have roc heck that u closed all paths and afterwards , u can try to check other issues when it comes to preparing the document, for a logo, normally u don’t have to use different layers … so that may not be an issue, u have to think about including a version 10 eps file, unless u may get soft rejected. I think that normally about preparing files, that’s only breeding soft rejections, reviewers explain what is missing, u do and resubmit and then u get approved if u did the job properly. I think that your problem is more about the fact that they maybe do not like it or maybe think that’s not good enough potential for to sell well here … i personally believe that your work is nice when it comes to the illustration part , but u also have no chance whatsoever to go through here if u do not bring back a solid and original typo, they will reject u every time