Help me with hard rejected logo

I had rejected this logo without explanation but asking in forum!. Could you help me figure out what´s wrong with it?

My guess would be the fonts and colors used.

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I used this typeface before and worked. What´s wrong now? And colors? What´s wrong with them? I think blue tones fits fine with the them. Honestly, I don´t understand…

Myself im not sure, they must have a good reason why they cancel it. Did they leave any suggestions?

I think the Icon looks great so I can only think of the fonts/colors

They didn´t provide suggestions. Just “ask the forum”. Thanks for your feedback as it is another point of view to have in mind.

hi what’s wrong with the color? well i can tell u buddy, this is that this is not really readable … that u are violating a basic design principle and decrease the marketability of your item … if u had a way bolder font maybe it could have been ok but as such this is hard to read , so u should just push the black percent of the blue or increase a bit the boldness and this is it :slight_smile:
otherwise yes the font is clean but maybe they want u to introduce some originality into the typo part , especially as u have already been using it as u mentioned …
i also believe that u have a small hierarchy issue indeed … using caps for a secondary information looks not really logical …
some of your previews are really lacking contrast, they almost tone on tone … this is not selling your quality logo …
but all i can say is that i love the concept and what u did out of it and you have a very great base to work with and only small issues to fix in my opinion …

yeah this is taking too much time to do lol they expect benevolent to do freely rather than paying someone for this lol

Thank you very much for sharing your opinion. I will have in mind with further logos.

this is too bad to drop in the middle of the way but it depends on u … u are also free to use as such and to post somewhere else … places to sell logos are not lacking …

I don´t understand… Are you part of the reviewer team?

no, so what? i have been a graphic designer for 16+ years

Just asking. I thought you were part of it.

it would not make sense to consider that reviewers do not have time to answer directly to authors and make them intervene in the forums lol they prefer that some authors do for free lol

That´s why I thank you again for your advice.

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u are welcome , happy to help as much as i can … though , despite experience and many things difficult to get to know if the reasons are the same that we can provide here in the forums …
anyway if u feel like i brought a good answer enough u can check the “solution” box :slight_smile: good luck for the next submission, i cross fingers for u :slight_smile: