July Payment.

Anybody received July payment already?
It always was on 15th each month, right?
Any delay?

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It was always on the 15th if the 15th was a weekday. If the 15th was a weekend, then payments went out on the Monday. The last three times the 15th fell on a weekend, we’ve been paid on the Friday for some reason, but officially it should be the Monday.


Thanks @SpaceStockFootage

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Same as my other account, have you received your withdrawal for the month of July yet?

Withdrawals should start coming within the next few hours. :slight_smile:

Yep, earliest I’ve got payments is 9am Melbourne time, latest is just past 3pm. So should be three hours or less, but in the next hour shouldn’t be out of the question. Then the party can commence!

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Actually, just got mine via PayPal when I was typing the above! Happy days.

Got it now. All is fine :slight_smile:

Yes. Pending Currently processing… what happened.