My payout is late

It’s already 16th of May and my payout is still not released. Audiojungle sais "Your payout will be processed on May 15, 2021 ". My tax details are ok and paypal account is set up properly. In Australia is also 16th of May now. Do anybody have the same problem? Do anybody know why it is happening? I’ll be grateful for help. Greetings :wink:

Its weekend, the money comes tomorrow.


It’s a weekend / will be processed on the first business day after eg the 16th


Thank You for your answers, my friends :blush:

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hi as long as u do not reach 17 and still have nothing do not worry lol normally payments are on time as long as this is week time, so to speak lol :slight_smile:

Payouts are processed on the 15th of each month . To be eligible for a payout on the 15th you must have been eligible by the last day of the previous month.
Please note: if the 15th day of the month falls on a weekend or an Australian public holiday, then payouts will be processed the following business day.

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