Mid Month Payment?

Anyone else haven’t received their mid month payment yet? Also has anyone had any problems with paypal? It says on their site that some maintenance is going on.

Pretty sure that when the 15th falls on a weekend, the payment waits until the following Monday. Don’t know if it’s necessarily a PayPal thing.


Thanks for the reply and that would make some sense. It’s probably nothing to do with paypal I just noticed some maintenance is going on so I thought I’d see if there was any insight. Thanks again!

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I didnt get my mid month payment also? Is there someone else without payment?

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I have gotten my payment today. yahoooooo… :wink:

did not get the payment also.

Quite often, when 14th gets on Friday the payment lands on Tuesday and not on Monday. Really do not know why. And would like that to stop :confused: