Hi Envato,

I received an email from Envato about the month transfer as usual (withdrawn) but I did not get it on my Paypal account.

Any ideas?

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maybe you should wait for a while. :smiley:

Hi LongXmusic,

You are right but so far t it allways comes on 15th…
Did you get your payment from Enato this month?


15th was Friday. You should get it on Monday or today. I would wait until Wednesday.

Nothing today. . I think that’s a mistake. They probably forgot to withdrawn. Do you know how to contact the accounting department

Nothing today. The support told me to see that with PayPal.
How can I see that with PayPal without the id number of the payment.
I think Envato should see that wit PayPal and not me because on my side I did not get anything and I sill waiting…