Jazzy funk track rejected... Any tips?

Hi guys,

my last track has been rejected, tell me please why?
I have submitted this in ‘Funky, Groove’ category…

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Hey :wink:

I think the reason for the rejection was the lack of commercial potential. This song seems to me too artistic for a stock music. Audiojungle does not like songs with a lighter instrumentation. The mix is ​​fine, although I would like to fill the spectrum and bring one of the instruments more to the front.
I think that there is a standard for this genre on this platform, for example

So tracks thats had this drive-feeling sound popular in commercials (i think i translate this correctly :wink: )
for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKfATqWOmpY

To sum up my opinion, the reason for rejection is the lack of commercial potential resulting from the chosen composition style. Audiojungle dominates songs with rich instrumentation, because in this way it is more difficult to see the lacks of sampled libraries(unnatural sound).
If you create a song with small number of instruments, you increase the chances of creating something that will only badly imitate the sound of real instruments.(filling spectrum with synthesizers wont help).

Good Luck


If you look at the tracks of competitive platforms, for example: ■■■■(oh i cant write it here), most of the instruments are recorded live. For example https://www.■■■■.com/royalty-free-tracks/patient a song whose intro consists of a piano and a small section of strings. It sounds awesome here but If you would like to recreate this song, even with the top string libraries (spitfire, 8dio…), you are not able to get such a sound.

I hope you understand what I mean. If you do not have access to real instruments, create songs with rich instrumentation to hide library imperfections.

Thank yo so much @WIDE-VIEW for your comment, very kind!

Yes, I agree with you that my track is light, I have probably to add more instruments but for example this track of mine was accepted:

Also this track is enough essential, maybe there are some more variations compared to the last funky track…

I understood your point of view, a rich instrumentation is the better way to hide the lacks of the libraries, it’s important to find an equilibrium…

I listened to the track in the other platform, very beautiful and realistic sounds, the live instruments make always the difference! :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your time, cheers!

Your track would more likely be accepted if you were to submit it under the Jazz category as smooth jazz.

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Many thanks @EightBallAudio, very kind suggestion! :sunny:

I disagree with Wideview. I think there are a lot of people looking for this type of music.

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Thank you so much @TrackHaus for the kind words, I really appreciated!
Then, in your opinion, what are the reasons of this rejection? Only the wrong category I choosed to upload the track as said @EightBallAudio, or there are other issues? Cheers! :slight_smile:

I think a lot of us are thinking there’s some kind of quota in place to only allow a certain amount of tracks.


While I like the track, it sounds so 1991! :slight_smile:
Maybe the reviewers are looking for more modern sounding stuff.
Good luck!

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Many thanks @Soundset! :slight_smile:

Before the people in this thread get too caught up in conspiracy theories and “quotas”, here’s what I think:

It is far from being ready. The mix is way too bright and thin. What happened to the low end of the snare drum after the intro? It just disappeared.

And I really think you need to work on your melodies. They sound quite robotic and more like exercises. And the piano sound is too loud and harsh. In my opinion, loud single note piano melodies often sound a bit out of place. The melody here sounds more like something a saxophone would play, or another instrument capable of more expression.

The guitar is… well, so so. The 32nd note scratches get quite distracting. That is something you would maybe do once of twice in a song.

Overall it sounds quite “midi”, which doesn’t really work too well with a track like this that should sound live, played by a group of real people.

I should say that the piano solo at 0:26 is quite nice! Especially around 0:35 where you play more than one note. Also the chords at around 0:46.


Hi, this track has potential but I totally agree with @Flumen - especially on the “thin” snare…; I don’t know how you treated it, but it seems you applied a very agressive hipass so it is now nearly non existent.

Also, yes, the funky guitar is a bit too present to my taste. Maybe it should be quieter, or be played less often, as it is a bit distracting.

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I don’t understand why the ‘single note’ melodies of the ‘theme’ comes out robotic if the instrument that plays these is a piano, in jazz it’s a common thing that a piano plays a theme originally played by a sax for example, you can hear Bud Powell plays the themes of Charlie Parker…
maybe the line is too simple, then I can add an other instrument like a vibraphone… Also the piano notes velocity in some point are too strong…

About the snare, probably I have to change the sound or my mix worked wrong for this and for the rest of the instruments, if the track sounds ‘thin’ and ‘midi’, I have for sure to improve my knowledge about mixing/mastering…

Thanks for your advices, I appreciated your sincerity! :blush:

Thank you so much @frozenjazz for your comment, I can reply as I did to @Flumen, I think it’s a problem of mix, I can try to improve it or change the snare sound…

About the guitar, I’ll try to make it more quiet!

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

To me it sounds like it was recorded during a live performance.

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Wow, many thanks @Audioland for the support, I’m glad if you liked the track! :blush:

This is just an idea, but in my own tracks, sometimes I realized that instead of lowering the volume of an instrument, what was needed was simply to make it appear less often; so when it does it creates a nice and dynamic change that keeps the listener awake :slight_smile:

I usually compose using a loop where everything is basically “on”, full featured… but then I try (and I know it is not easy) to remove some elements and make them appear more sparsely.

Just an idea though ! :slight_smile:

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Yes, it’s a great idea! In my case I could be to remove the strumming mute part of the guitar during the solo of the piano, I have to try! :slight_smile:

Many thanks frozen! :sunny:

Track is ok in terms of arrangement but I think you should work more with sound, change this thin drums may be for complete electronic sound or if it’s live look for the live drummers multitrack sessions or something… About categories… sometimes reviewers accept tracks in other categories then I upload, sometimes I even ask to place in category that he think would better. But yes, this track more fit to jazz category. I have also few smooth jazz track, they sell or, just like other jazzy swing or modern fusion tracks. So there is some potential. About commercial potential… yes commercial music don’t like much melodic components, but hey, man, that’s jazz music! Good luck with approves!

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Thanks a lot @GoodMusicMood! In your opinion, what is the drum that I can use to make more realistic the sound of the track?

Many cheers! :slight_smile: