I need advice from experienced users why my track was rejected ?

Hi, friends! Sorry for bad english.I would like to know your opinion why my track was rejected. what is the reason ? sound or arrangement? What is the discrepancy with the standard audiojungle? I’m very interested, because these are my first steps and the opinion of experienced users would clarify this situation … thanks in advance even for looking at my post …-)))))


This is absolutely great! Guitar is great, piano is great, sound is awesome. As for AJ - this is mostly production music for videos. That’s why it must be ready for montage and main reasons of rejection could be only:

  • Too much syncopated drum breaks and sudden rhythm changes - video engineers frequently has no experience in music and its too difficult to cut the music with so much syncopated breaks.

  • The length of track is 3:23. If You can make it 1:00 and/or 0:30, 0:15 this music has all chances to be accepted as intro or ident.

I’m very impressed by this work and wish You good luck!

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In addition to @pilotaudio, the composition and chord progression are too complicated and it’s hard to edit for video production. But yes, you are definitely a good and professional jazz musician, just try to look from another angle on composition and I’m pretty sure, next time your track will be approved.


This is too good for AudioJungle.

If you can make a 10 track album of this type of tracks, better submit it to the major publishers/libraries. (You know, Extreme, Firstcom, 5alarm, etc.)

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it’s just great music!make it easier and that’s it!

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As above plus:

  • too much high frequencies in percussion, especially cymbals, hi hats (important)
  • I have a feeling that few fragments are not enough narrative, this can make your track less universal, though I would not consider it as a bad composition

As said, I would try to create short versions. And maybe after positive review, you could update your item adding long version after correction. I do not think that complex chord progression in that genre is wrong, even if it slightly lowers universality of your track. IMHO this genre needs complex chords and there are buyers seeking for such “unique” progressions. Very nice sound of the guitar!

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many thanks to all for the advice !!! I will try to move on, thanks again !!!

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Welcome! Never give up!

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Excellent track, bro! I’m truly surprised this didn’t pass. :astonished:

Good luck with your next submissions!

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thank !!! I will try better-)))

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But what should I do ?, a robot wrote to me so that I would not send this music anymore …- ((

Make some changes to make it more “commercially viable” and resubmit. Nothing wrong with that.

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I will try to do as you advise!