Jazz Standards

Hi Everyone!
Is it allowed to make jazz arrangements and improvisations live piano on “Jazz Standards” songs (popular american melodies 40th-50th years XX century) and upload it here?

They would have to be in the public domain, composed and published at least 75 years ago ( - 1941). I’m no expert in this field, so there could be exceptions, but I’m pretty sure you can’t upload any newer music.

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Here’s a list I’ve found of songs in the public domain. Cutoff date seems to be around 1920; after that, copyrights still apply.


So i just need to enter the Title of song and see it date issue, right?
Entered some titles and found nothing… Where is written about this copyright rules? Would anybody advice?
Just for Example if i have the song written in 1937 i can make my arrangement on it, right?

Many jazz standards the same types of chord progressions, why not make your own, similar tunes based on those?

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I think the copyright ends 75 years after the death of the composer

It is true. I have some of my own standards, but still there are too many already beautiful jazz songs which i’d like to perform with my view.

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Is anywhere written info about this?
How can i be sure of it?
Would appreciate for any info.

If you read this you will see that its pretty complicated:

Maybe easiest to compose your own like JohnnyBoyleMusic suggests? :slight_smile:

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…i guess so…

Thanks guys for advices. After reading your links and doing a bit own research now i agree with your answers.