Uploading Classical Music?

Good morning!

Some authors upload their arrangements/performances of notable composers to AJ, like DeBussy, Beethoven, etc… and I want to upload some lesser-known material that would work well here, fact is I uploaded one last night that was first published in 1862, so it’s clearly public domain. Is there anything to remember other than making sure the track is properly titled/credited/identified?


Hi. As far as I’m aware, there are no rules on AJ regarding public domain works. You don’t even have to credit the original composer if you don’t think it will be a benefit. Technically, you could even rename the track “Motivational Inspirational” if it fit that theme. If you have made your own arrangement of it, you can also register it with your P.R.O. and claim 100% writer royalties as the arranger.

Only thing to bear in mind is that some compositions which are in the public domain have popular arrangements which are copyrighted. Orchestral pieces which have been arranged for piano by contemporary artists for example.