Customized music

Hi! today I’m very happy,. a client contacted me through AJ messages and told me they have enjoyed a lot my classical piano pieces… they want me to compose some custom pieces for their productions (Debussy, Chopin,Liszt styles…)… I’m a little bit confused with this because till now I only composed for stock… Maybe things are changing?? should I to take the opportunity… unkonwn field… uncertainty… how much should I charge for such ordering? for each piece?? thanks!

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My opinion: definitely go for it! It happened to me many times and I’m sure that’s the case of many authors around here.

Currently I earn much more from a few rather stable clients I met here than what I make from AJ. Needless to say, if you’re going to compose a tailored track and you agree not to publish it in stock libraries, you should price it accordingly. Also, the fact that you are creating custom music doesn’t mean that you are not the author, so I’d strongly recommend you register it with your PRO.

With new clients what I normally do is to send them an MP3 file of ~30 seconds to see if we’re on the same page. If things work out, we close a deal and that way I never had an issue in years. You can also ask for a %50 upfront payment just to be safe.

About specific numbers, I guess it’s up to what you value your work. Bid yourself fairly and keep in mind that they might ask for revisions so put a price on that too.

It’s a long subject, these are my 2 cents.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


but how much could I ask per track as a starting point… ?? I have no idea… a cue??