New author here! Worried a bit about undervaluing my time/effort though...

Hey everyone! So I just joined AudioJungle, and I’m looking forward to it… I’ve never really composed much royalty-free music before (although I have done a LOT of ghost production for other artists over the years).

I just submitted my first track and since apparently it takes 20 days (!) to review it, I figured I’d introduce myself on the forum, get to know you guys, and ask a few questions in the meantime.

Mainly I was wondering, do you guys think it’s worthwhile to put time and effort into this given that I am almost certainly not going to sell any tracks for $5. I’ve been reading a lot of comments that say that the model is biased towards artists releasing lots of tracks for extremely cheap, whereas my interest would be primarily in selling fewer tracks but higher quality and at a higher price.

So that’s my main question, is such an approach feasible here? I’d hate to go to all the trouble to submit really high quality work only to have it buried under an avalanche of $5 tracks and no one can ever find it. And then since I’m an exclusive author I wouldn’t really have any options at that point to do anything else with it.

Anyway sorry for the long-winded post. I’m excited to be part of the community and I’m hopeful that it’s possible to achieve some level of results given an appropriate investment of time and effort.



I really like your approach! Your summary is good!! Now you have to try…! Welcome… :wink:


From my experience it can be a slow and sometimes even frustrating progress in the beginning, but also very rewarding once you reach some smaller goals you’ve set yourself and you see the progress you’ve made over time.
I think it is very worth it’s time to be an active author, once you overcome the “beginning phase”.

Good luck and all the best



hi i guess u have to identify that this place is not a get-rich quick one in a general way apart for a few isolated people and that the concept of such a platform is more likely to be based on sale volume rather than any other thing, which basically means that u have to sell much and get noticed among the lot of people in town and the big number of items no matter what marketplace u are posting in. This is hard to answer your question as to know is “this is worth the time” as it depends much on your personal skills, ability to advertise and enjoy networking , of having everything accepted and of determining the right price, and so on and so forth. One thing is for sure this is about what u mentioned “about buried items” as i mentioned earlier there are lot of guys in town, tons of items in the catalogue of all categories and standards have been up many times because of the saturated market overall, so this will take you to find your niche and offer good quality affordable tracks for potential buyers indeed. One thing is for sure this is that probably being part of envato elements would help u to get sustainable revenue and that apart from this , being in envato is probably the best chance for u to get decent money compared to all other digital platforms . I guess the best thing to do is to give a try for a while so that u can evaluate the situation with your actual situation


Thanks for the detailed response. I’m definitely not planning on trying to get rich on this platform haha. Just hopefully an extra source of revenue in return for doing something I love to do :slight_smile:

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lol my answer was not restricted to this point … haha , though i felt like that it was not unnecessary to mention this as regard to how some newbies sometimes seem to believe that they will make a lot of bucks , kind of effortless, which is a daydream indeed LOL. This place is definitely the best one for getting decent additional revenue , eventhugh the marketplace was more profitable before the covid situation , obviously … i wish u the best of luck for your run here anyway , we never know u may even work here full-time if u can do well enough, i cross fingers for u :slight_smile:

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Are you sure going the exclusive route is the best option these days? I would say diversity is a key, but everyone has its own path. There are no easy answers in this business, it’s totally unpredictable and luck-driven. But that’s its charm! :slight_smile:

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Yeah I’m not sure exclusive is the best strategy but I chose it to start because

  • you earn slightly more per sale
  • your tracks are more likely to be promoted on the site (correct me if I’m wrong about this)
  • I would rather concentrate my efforts on building a brand/client base on one site than trying to do so on on multiple sites

If anyone has opposing views and thinks the non-exclusive route is the way to go, please comment! I’m new to all of this and would appreciate any advice people are willing to give! And thanks again to those who have already taken the time to comment :slight_smile: