Pricing of Music items....

Hey AJ

I have been a composer and buyer on here for about 3 years i think - i dont claim to be an amazing expert composer as some big sellers here, only had just over 400 sales, but recently i uploaded 2 new tracks, one simple kids track, and one more complicated corporate, the kids one was actually far better and more useful than the corporate (i even ran this past a friend who is a top AJ composer/seller), however it was priced much lower by AJ (15 dollars compared to 19) - just to add, they were the same length…

What i am trying to say is that, i feel some pieces of music can be just as inspiring, famous, clever, good/well produced, memorable, useful, powerful, amazing etc and it could only be one instrument, a piano, or just a violin etc… rather than layer and layers of instruments, choirs, bells, whistles and the kitchen sink… neither necessarily take longer to compose and complete… AGAIN i dont claim my music is amazing or clever - before the trolls come to take a swipe at me!

Just was interested to know what others thought about this, or if i am the only one who thinks less is sometimes more, and should be rewarded equally…

It may have been a mistake, same length track are same price. Over 2min =19$

Maybe one of them had a long tail at the end or long fadeout so the reviewer decided it really was shorter than 2 minutes?
A link to the songs could help us to know what we are talking about.

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Oh wow!! i look stupid haha! yes totally correct!! its a few seconds off 2 mins!!

feeling very silly here! :smile:

now, how to delete this post?! :slight_smile:

Why deleting it? Let people see how you really are :slight_smile:

timestrecth the song to go over 2 minutes and/or add some silence at the beginning / end! :D:D:D