Some outstanding concerns

Hi there, my most important concerns at present are:

    1. What do buyers use the music for, Is it mostly just purely on its own, & also backgrounds for voiceovers?
    1. Is there any way l can offer customisation as part of the sale, whether it be pre- or post-sale?

For 2. I’m thinking, maybe some way to invoice a buyer pre- or post-sale, outside of AJ so that somehow l can add a suplementary contract that has the author modifying the music on request, not the end user.

However, if that would upset the audio library, in this case AJ, then l’m not interested in doing that. Just to make my intentions plain: I want to be so versatile as to give a customer something specific and thereby not miss out on a sale.

OK l now know that the licensing dictates that the audio is to be used as-is.

My worry is: without a large selection of different licensing terms for the same category (e.g. many different contracts to choose from for Idents), authors could be unwittingly saying no to money,

However, l concede that l’m not the creator of Audiojungle, and there may be nuances, details, consequences, that have a bearing on this, so as to make it impossible to offer a multiple choice of different kinds of contracts / licenses for a piece of music.

You’re free to advertise your availability as a freelancer on your profile page, so customisations is something you could offer as a freelancer. But I wouldn’t expect a lot of buyers needing this. I would put my effort in offering flexible tracks with alternative versions.
Have you had a lot of buyers asking for customisation since this concerns you?

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Hi there, not released anything yet (problem: free time, and when l do have a music session, l end up starting about 2 new songs that l hadn’t even planned for, when l was actually just trying to complete a song from a previous session)

Thanks for the tip about advertising on my profile page - l didn’t realise AJ would be okay with that.

My concern was: if by some wonder l get a successful submission, l may just get a sale once in a blue moon, hence l might need to make extra effort to customise and thus win that elusive dollar / pound.

I like the idea of multiple variations, which l have noticed on AJ tracks, it would sure help with my indecisiveness in selecting one specific outcome for a song. Would still prefer conversing with the buyer about what they specifically want the song to be, and how they specifically want to use it (e.g. on a school yearbook, or a single use production).

Example of what l’m getting at: make a brilliant flamenco guitar track, but what if there’s billionaire that wants his name mentioned in the song. Hence l guess offering freelancer deals in my profile is the way to go. Thanks!

There’s even a box you can tick of in profile settings:

Hi there, thank you but l can’t seem to find that on the profile that l’m using.

Maybe this profile is just for forum posts? Will l get a new artist profile if l select “Start Selling”? I’m pretty sure l already went through the “Start Selling” setup when l created this profile, l distinctly remember saying that l want a non-exclusive account, so l think l’m already a registered seller.

Maybe it appears when you get your first track up.