Can I include AJ music in my templates for free

Hi there,

An author is removed from AJ, can I include his music in my templates for free as I prepared a template using his music and now found him gone from AJ. Ofcourse I have this music without watermark.


do you mean you want to sell someone else tracks ?

IMHO I think that this kind of behaviour is really, really bad.

No you can’t - irrelevant of if the author is still active, redistributing other authors’ content is not allowed

No and yes, actually I have prepared an After effects template using that music, now when I was about to include the music link in my uploads, I came to know that this music and author are removed from AJ, so its not AJ property now, please suggest.

Not AJ’s property, never was but that still does not allow you to pass it on. Someone else’s intellectual property.

Thanks, I think you are absolutely right. Thanks for your guidance and valuable time.

Thanks @charlie4282

All’s well that end’s well. I guess that we can all sleep tonight.