Making portfolio

Hello fellow authors!
I`ve been on AJ for quite a while and got a bit of sales here and there so i decided to make my portfolio. Since almost all the music on AJ are meant to be as a background for videos/ads/intros there is no reason to do it standalone (imho) so heres the question:
Am i allowed to contact my byers and ask them if they can send me finished videos and etc with my music? Because i searched a lot for it and all i could find is a single video on youtube. I have a names/Companies in an invoces so theres like no problem to find an e-mails.
Thanks in advantage

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Yes! It’s totally allowed! :slight_smile:
If the content using your track is worth sharing, it’s definitely a good move to promote your stuff.

Good luck!

thank you! gonna do this then

have you asked your byers or you dont care/found yourself?

Both and never had issues. But in the end it’s your music and you’re completely entitled to promote it unless you’ve signed a confidentiality agreement, which it’s not supposed to happen in RF music.

okay thanks!
i just wasnt sure if its okay with envato rules, since they have some pretty dumb ones sometimes :wink:

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