Need advice about Self Promotion)

Hello guys,

I’m newbie here, but understand that only self promotion/advertisement will help clients to know about author and increase sales.

So I thought is it against AJ rules to make videos where I’ll play on the piano my AJ tunes and promote them everywhere in social media putting AJ link everywhere in description.

Sorry if sounds weird))))


Sure!) i made video to my track)

but i guess need use with watermark c:

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Hi Space-man,

Thanks for response. Nice track, very energetic and your look is fantastic. Good work!

My video for sure won’t be so good. But still I want to record it in a simply way, just piano, maybe it will sound not very good, with mistakes, but still it will be alive with dirty sound so I don’t want to put AJ watermark. So I am asking …Can I do that?

Thank you)

I think you can, but i don`t know exactly, maybe somebody help with this info, good luck! c:

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You can promote (not sell) your tracks wherever you want, and put a link to your audiojungle portfolio/tracks.
I think that record a bad audio is not a good idea. Why don´t you replace the original audio with the audiojungle track and use a cenital view for video?.

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Thanks Manriquedelara for idea and answer, but it seems to me unfair (if I undersand you correctly) to pretend that I’m playing and I think it won’t be interesting to watch. Anyway maybe I’m mistaken.
Sorry, just my thoughts.