Jingle Bells Copyrights


Can I use jingle bells theme, play it and upload on AJ?


Jingle Bells is public domain song, so I believe you can do that.

Last time I uploaded a Christmas carol I was told they didn’t accept any public domain music and would only accept original content, despite me pointing out the hundreds of tracks already on AJ.

Same happend to me last week…

Hello! Try reading these article.

Maybe this will help. Good luck! :wink:

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That certainly goes against what they told me!

Try to open a support ticket and clarify this question with them.

I’ve had several Xmas tracks accepted which are public domain tunes like jingle bells.

And this article explicitely mentions Jingle Bells, so…
Fingers crossed, I am currently waiting to be approved/rejected on a … Jingle Bells hiphop track!

What did they tell you?

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That they only accepted original content and not anything public domain.

I think this should not be a problem, I also upload such tracks, while no one is hiding that this is a public song :

Here’s an example with a classic violin:

I left a link, but it turned out it is not allowed.

I have two jingle bells tracks uploaded here years ago…