I've found this on the YouTube... What do you think about?

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I think i have heard this one in other site…

Interesting, not? This YouTuber is very creative…

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Is the Mozart of our time…




Whose tracks he used? Time for a DMCA takedown.



Who I’ve noticed.


This has been going on for years and not just on YouTube. There are complete bundles of Audiojungle music being given away for free around the internet on various download sites.

I might add that this song has been written multiple times here on this site.There are probably another 1000 that sound just like it throughout the internet on various sites written by just as many people. The only difference between this video and what RF musicians are doing is that the musicians are getting paid after they rip each other off.

What is this? WT* stolen music?

This one is from @StudioMonkey


This is free youtube_freeaudiojungle?

There are watermarks on each track that are quietly audible. Apparently they were cut but not completely. Not quite clear for what purpose it is done? Subscribers, I do not see, then monetization is disabled … Strange…

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I wonder, what are the benefits of doing this. Robin Hood style? Not quite…

I’m thinking of an organisation that sounds like “Maglev”, people will use them a lot more (to commute around the city or something like that)

Perhaps so … But a clear violation of writing in the title of each video “No Copyright Music” - must be " Royalty Free Music" or music license or an agreement with the author if the track is with a watermark for promotion with all links or some other options (and the author should be aware of this). YouTube is clearly not following this.

I don’t think they can be sued for anything, there is no loss or gain of income. Only a paper tiger, a frightening one though, so l think more people will pay to commute on Mag Lev now. Like how open source software aint really all that kind, no new companies can make software if it’s already given out for free. Qui bono.

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Possible lead regarding who this might be.

The logo bears an Indonesian name. There is a LinkedIn profile for a person claiming to be graduate student from Indonesia with that name and it has the same logo you see on YouTube. There is also a Facebook profile that might be the same person, but I am very sure there is more than one person in Indonesia with this name. In any event, you can always just send a message to the YouTube or LinkedIn account and ask him to take down the song if it’s yours.

I probably can’t post the links here, but if you have trouble finding the info in a web search, I do have the links and I can send them in a private message.

i find my christmas track there…

So the guy is using his real name for a channel that is publicly violating copyright laws? What’s wrong with this clown? What is he trying to achieve with that?

Report the video with your music and select “infringes my copyrights”.

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already done…