Items disappear and buyers are left dangling in the wind.

I have purchased 80 items here and 25% of them are gone and i can neither download again or get any support. I watch the forums and it seems all Envato cares about are the authors because they are the ones with all the monetary protections. I also have items full of bugs that no one can get working but Envato continues to sell this crap. So if buyers are looking for 5 star ratings, provide 5 star products and service. Lets talk about this pos script I paid 19$ [Link removed as per community guidelines calling out files or authors] No one can get this crap going but it and all of this authors scripts are still being sold here.
This market is turning into a scam spot for authors to hustle buyers with poor code and no repercussions for their shoddy work.

  1. If you bought an item and you didn’t download at all the item you can ask for a refund
  2. You can also ask for a refund if the item is not as described

Mine is even worse…I bought 95 items in total.
12 items from themeforest and 6 items of them (50%) are gone:

When you buy an item, the message clearly states that the items should be immediately downloaded, because they might be removed in the future, by Envato or by the author…

Personally, when I buy items and they then disappear from the downloads area, I use to update them myself and I make myself the bug fixes on the live websites where I use them :frowning: