Getting tired of Envato markets?



So I’ve been using the market places for years now, I’ve spent some serious money across almost all the marketplaces but recently I’m just getting a bit tired of it all.

Multiple items I own just don’t work anymore, I consistently report this items to Envato, I even have open tickets now but the items remain on the marketplace… Authors try to con me into renewing my support for an item before they will even admit the item they sell doesn’t work anymore… A script i purchased over a year ago didn’t work when I bought it still doesn’t work now…

I’m not here to slate other authors or there sales, but I’m getting a bit fed up with spending $1000s on marketplace items to only be tricked into spending more on support, or waiting days for ticket responses for refunds for broken items.

The only marketplace that gets any real attention or validation on items seems to be ThemeForest, it’s the only place that seems to still withhold any quality.


hi , well i understand what u are trying to explain and i basically kind of agree. However, lets face it, authors could easily report some unpleasant experiences (or even up to very bad experiences and very unfair things happening to them too) that they have had with some buyers too … i guess that all is a matter of respect and both buyers and authors respect each other. One thing is for sure , even if i do not belong to TF in any way , this is that authors are asked much , we all spend a lot of time, effort and so on to bring as good works as possible in order also to keep buyers satisfied and so that they buy our items and in the end (items that are prices very low for most of them , other there is free pricing or not does not change anything too much in the end …), lots of guys do not get huge amounts of bucks to say the least , so, in some cases , the assistance thing is felt as a bit too much by TF guys. For us in Gr , lots or maybe all of us do and are happy to help guys who bought our items to keep them satisfied , but the good thing is that we do not have buyers to contact us to deal with so many issues all the time, it would take tons of time and would completely decrease the profits that people are making out of selling something … u should also try to think about it …