Item rejection - Would you tell me why?

Hey Everyone!

Recently my 2nd upload got hard rejected.
I really want to learn why - so that I can do better in the future.
I would be very thankful about your thoughts!

When it comes to the technical part of the upload, I organized everything like this:

Do you think that´s the right way?

Thank you all in advance,

hi Marco
are u sure this is the real reason? as for I know rejections are not related to technical issues , apart from not closing the paths of a vector file. I fail to understand what your thing in the main zip is … why is your template in .xxx? in the main file u should have different things , the editable logo in vector, a one color version of the logo and a very old illustrator version (version 10 I think if I remember well, but not sure …) and I do not see it this far. I do not see why u have folders in the zip files, instead of having all the required files in the main zip directly …

Hi n2n44,

thank you for your reply and sorry for the confusion.

I´m not sure that this technical issue is the real reason.
I don´t have much confidence and experience yet when it comes to design valuation. So my asked opinion from you and the other authors is regarding the design aswell.

The second picture is just the template that I used to organize my files. I found it here in the forum in another thread. In my actual upload are the project files in the .afdesign, .eps and .psd format. Sorry for the confusion here.

What I am thankfully asking is your opinion about the design of my logo template. I just added my organization structure to make sure that there is no major issue aswell

Thank you very much in advance

pls correct me if I am wrong but I used to comment about the design , right? as far as I can remember , I did, maybe in another part of the forums , pls confirm to me :slight_smile:

Hey, yes you did with a personal mail. Thanks :slight_smile:

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