URGENT! help needed regarding Logo Rejection?

Reviewers have rejected my Logo Template that I have recently Uploaded in the category of Letters.

I have uploaded the files as follows:
A) 1 Main.zip (Contains)

  • Main (Folder)
    1. FileName.Ai (Illustrator CS)
    2. FileName.Ai (Illustrator CC)
    3. FileName.EPS (Illustrator 10)
  • Information.txt (Brief Logo Description)
  • ReadMe.txt (A HelpFile)

B) Image-Preview.Jpeg (Resolution: 590 X 2160 px)
C) Thumbnail.Jpeg (Resolution: 80 X 80 px)

Main Files Layers: (in Ai & EPS)
NOTE: Designed in 300dpi CMYK (Artboard Dimension: 600px X 1902px)
*** There are 6 different Logo Styles (found inside “Logo Groups Layers”)

Logo Groups Layers
Logo Style - Group 1A
Logo Style - Group 1B
Logo Style - Group 2
Logo Style - Group 3
Logo Style - Group 4
Logo Style - Group 5

*** all of 6 Logo Styles have 6 different respective Backgrounds (found inside “Background Layers”)

Background Layers
Background 1A
Background 1B
Background 2
Background 3
Background 4
Background 5

Now! Can any one please let me know that what are the reasons behind the Logo Rejection.

Your logo looks okay…good job.

I however think the typography & font combination aren’t working.

Thanks for your kind suggestions

logo itself is ok - looks cool

typo typo typo … more work on typo, I know it’s hard to put from the pocket golden solution but trying is the key. Logo is ok.

Thanks dear!
Do I need to use All Caps for LOGO TITLE or your suggestion is to replace the Font

I would use bebas neue :slight_smile: hehe they are all big and very nice font.

i have already seen exactly the same somewhere maybe this is the reason why … not sure …

what sort of same thing you have seen? can you please explain?

the very same logo

Sorry! but I don’t think, even seen any of this kind of vector, it is entirely my own idea.
Can you please tell me if there is something missing (especially in Upload Sequence)

u may not have been inspired by anything or anyone, no doubt … but i have seen this logo before … this is the problem right now, this is hard not to have someone already doing what we want to do …