Rejected logos. Please, give me feedback.

Please give me feedback on why my elements were rejected. I received a severe rejection, so I understand that it’s about the logos themselves.
Since this is my first experience with this platform, feedback and nuances are very important for me to pay attention to.

hi pls next time post one logo per thread if u do not mind, this is easier to get into detailed “feedback” for each of them rather than making a “general overview”. Once this is said, indeed for me , there is a global real problem of typo with all your logos here … , in most of cases, the typos are not really mtaching witj the illustrations in terms of looks and style. I assume that u are not being helped as not introducing a tagline is not helping to bring variations, font combinations and touches of originality as well … otherwise let’s get into one by one details …

1- glamor elephant
well for me the global style look a bit childish and i amd also not sure that the strokes are really in keeping with the policy here … as they usually consider the logo in small size , in other words, too thin lines and too small and or numerous details are not necessartily welcome indeed … but for me the major problem of this one is that i see absolutely no link whatsoever between the name and the illustration … as i see nothing “glamorous” but rather the other way around as i evoked, when i mentioned a biut children oriented …

2- elepahnt club
well indeed, i rather like the abstract style and normally this is a efficient a style in my view but here , u really need a time to gett o realize that the shape is what it is lol not o mention that it looks like that the elephant has only one leg , what is not super logical, even considering a certain kind of perspective indeed … the thing is not bad but quite frankly this needs ore work and that u take the idea to another level, bringing something more worked out to the table , in my view

3- big elephant
is probably the one i like best as such here but hontesluy i tend to believe that the final version shuld be the white one, this is so very incredible much better with these colors and these shadows , the blue version rather makes your design turn flat rather any other thing … u should rather an evocative short name to be associated with the illustration and introduce a tagline and i guess that could make it :slight_smile:

4- finance house
for me this is the one with less potential due to the complete discrepancy in terms of style with what this is supposed to stand for … with finance things, u imagine serious things inspiring trust and credibility and u make a loony illustration which looks completely disconnected with the theme … there is a big time problem here … not to mention that colors are also having completely nothing to do with the theme color codes , i guess the best advice for this one is to turn the name to something architecture oriented and to to forget abouit the theme of finance with is represented in no way this far anyways …

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Thank u so much for the detailed feedback. I think I have generally understood what the problem is.

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i hope so , i hope it could help u and that it will enable u to keep rejection-free :slight_smile: good work and good luck :slight_smile: