Help me please to know why my vector file is rejected?

This my second time uploaded file (the first one is not get reviewing yet) …but unfortunately it’s rejected…
Can someone here help me to know why… here’s my file…!

Thanks…i hope everyone here can give me some positive input and advice…

hi indeed , i guess that this is probably because it looks a bit outdates and that they probably consider that apart from some type of degree or certificate , most of the people would not be interested this much in kind of graphic element indeed. now , your work looks well executed indeed

Hi @n2n44 , indeed i realize it, it’s a bit out date now about this pattern element, i just still don’t get it because my first item that just presented as it is (mean not designed presented preview like this my second item) it is get approved for sell.

Anyway thanks for your input. :blush:

you know this is hard to determine, i guess all reviewers have different background, expectations, experience and so on and i guess this is maybe part of the reason …

Yup, but i’m still fill vague, it’s because my design item or my presented design preview, because they don’t tell any specific clue to determine it.

Anyway i will try better next time…thanks again friend.:blush:

hi buddy i think it has nothing to do with presentation … i am not even sure that they reject for thsi and if they did i guess it could only be a soft one, as long as they are interested in your item … i can only suggest u to try to shift to something more modern which will be likely to have a bigger buyer base indeed :slight_smile: