Item rejection & feedback

Hi, I was trying to upload my template files to Envato and got the following message with no specific explanation of what was wrong with my template.
Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “My Template” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Can someone please help me understand how can i upload my files successfully?

Thanks in advance

The title of this thread isn’t very fitting.

You got a rejection notice for your item because it didn’t meet the quality standard, there are lots of reasons why an item may be rejected, so if you want, you can upload the preview image of your item and we can try and give you some feedback to help you improve with future items.

Thank you for your reply.

Here’s the flyer template i uploaded

'im trying to figure maybe it has to do with the hekp file or the way i set the layers?

No, the type of notice you got was a “Hard Rejection” which usually never means it was a technical issue, but rather a quality issue, it also means that you can’t submit the same item again with only minor changes, for you to submit this flyer you’ll have to do a complete overhaul and make it look very different.

I’m not able to go into detail about how you could improve the item right now, but I’m sure someone else such as @n2n44 will be happy to give some tips while I sleep :).

Thank you very much! I really appreciate it!!

hi Evya
indeed as for me, i think that u have a good collection of things to change or to improve indeed …

1- text alignment
this is hard to understand why the main title is flagged in a different way if compared with all the other texts, it makes very little sense ad there is an impact on the way your flyer look in the end …

2- typo
globally your typo is too basic or common … here they have high expectation about typo that they seem to consider as the most important part of all … they want u to offer something not only original but also where fonts are combined. The text part has to look good and to underline the hierarchy …

3- z-shape reading and positioning
i am not sure that u are aware of this - maybe because this may not work the same way in your country with hebrew language - but this commonly accepted that the “system” to follow is z-shape reading which basically means that your eye will sweep from top left to top right , go in a slanted way to bottom left and end up in the bottom right area …all this with a focus point in the center of the page … in other words, your text elements, are not necessarily well positioned … not to mention that u still suffer from a missing logo , too …

4- hierarchy of information and sense
indeed, it looks very surprising that u have “soccer tournament” and after “soccer event” which looks very redundant indeed, not to mention that the second one is also much less visible than "hurry to subscribe which seems to be at least not more important than the second part … besides you deal with a tournament but where and when is it? a good and modern flyer is a flyer where u go start to the point , what, when , where are the main questions to answer indeed … they need to be noticed , be visible and as outstanding as possible … this is “what u sell”

5- color
for the choice of colors look kind of strange , this is not particular in keeping with sport theme and color association with yellow and blue can be discussed too … think abut complementary colors once u have chosen the approbate color or think about color hue variations too

6- balance
in a nutshell , u have a rather empty upper part and a lower part which is much more dense , probably too much by the way, u need to find ways to change just this

7- global style
sorry to say just this , no doubt that u did your best , but the thing is that the whole graphic design part can only be summed up in a picture and on an “effect” on the main title and this is giving u a hard time to bring something outstanding and that differs really from a lot of flat items that had already been accepted in the past … u need to push the envelope graphic design wise. Keep in mind that that this place has always been where the “big dogs play” and with such a saturated market this is getting even more difficult to have items accepted so u really need to bring something as unique and beautiful as possible to the table …

Thank you very much for your this well described reply. I will improve my work and follow your advises in order to make it look better and be more practical!