5th time rejected

Hey guys,
Can anyone guide me to approve my designs. Because its 5th time get rejection. !

I think, envato “reviewers” - its is envato authors in same time. And its interested to reject any other works excepts its own :slight_smile:
But i dont know, maybe its just not want spend time to review and just reject some works not see on it.
Its every time i try to upload something to envato (even already top selled works) and spend many time for preparing im just take reject with no any described reason.

The key reason probably is that some of your text isn’t centered, or isn’t in line with the area it is placed in.


I guess envato has got enough items to sell & now they are only accepting item which are unique or modern in term of design sense. So try to improve & make modern design or leave envato try somewhere else :slight_smile:

oh really? so why some have no item and no sale counter? lol

which ones Shane? lol apart from the second flyers ’ bottom black text box, and the russia of the first one,i do not see texts that are not centered … besides , in the past , this was the object of a soft rejection this … and normally if they did not do this was basically meaning that they were not interested in the item in particular …

you should start with taking out any celeb from your items … you are not supposed to use these pictures according to envato 's rules, i really love the header of the first flyer that u are showing but why not repeating a similar efefct in the bottom ? let me remind u that part of design principles is “repetition”

Yep, exactly.