item rejected, again

“not meet the quality and standarts of aj”…
what am i doing wrong? aj can accept an awful quality corporate track, but reject lots of good tracks. I have referenced to Hanz Zimmer tracks while mixing this one.

I think it’s the flute. It sounds fake

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Great composition and arrangement! It gives me goosebumps!

You have things to improve in the mix.

The most obvious problem to me is that your kick is too loud. It makes the rest seems tiny (which you don’t want) and limits the capacity you have to make the master loud without making it sounds flat. Try to make the velocity of the notes fit the rest. By exemple, at the beginnig the orchestra play much softer than at the end. The kick notes should follow this or so it sounds off of the rest of the track in addition to be too loud.

You have maybe a bit too much wet reverb signal? Maybe try less wet signal and just make the tail longer a bit if it starts to sounds dry. I say that because your orchestra sounds a bit drown in the reverb (lack of details in the attack of the instruments and sounds too far just a bit).

Also, be careful to not end with obvious sample repetitions.

You are a great composer and arranger for sure.

It’s too bad the track maybe didn’t pass because of those mix problems. Show us your next track before to upload to get reviewed and try to present this one somewhere else when you’ll have improved the mix.

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

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Thank you SO MUCH! You reply gave me hope )

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Wow. Just wow. Wow. That was really awesome!

I think I heard a little bit of clipping when the big brass comes in toward the end, and there’s a section or two where the brass gets a little ‘jazzy’ with the rhythm and it doesn’t line up with the beat. Other than that, absolutely no clue whatsoever why it would be rejected.

I’m assuming your kick is fine since SoundCloud has a unique way of overblowing the bass on everything.


I really appreciate your reply. Thank you!