Item reject!

I need feedback
What do you think about this track?

Don’t realistic sound, very monotonous, and there’s no mood, no emotion. Try to use a different piano, use sustain pedal, reverb, dynamic velocity each note. Good luck!


@ScorpionProduction Thank you very much for opinion
If you could recommend me a library for piano …

People often use Native Instruments - The Giant, Cinesamples - Piano in Blue, Galaxy Vintage D. The main thing to do good velocity, It makes the sound more natural in any librarys.


Thank you !

I think piano sounds OK, but its really lifeless and muddy. I would suggest to use a little bit of EQ to remove that muddiness, add some reveb and play with velocity levels more. By the way, a highly recommended piano is Alicia’s Keys by Native Instruments (Kontakt). All the best!

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@Phreaspirit Thank you!!!
I’ll put in practice your advice!

Hey @Phreaspirit, @ScorpionProduction
What do you think now?

It was a little airy … But the monotony remains. I advise in the second part of the track to add a soft bass octave piano, and at the top or add a glockenspiel bell on every first beat and the background static soft string chords. The last chord is very sharp cast, make the last bar ritenuto, while the last chord decomposable separately for notes that would be clear that this is the end. There will be air and diverse. I see it as. I think it would be very nice.
The idea is very good, I advise you to develop it to the full form and composition.
But then it can not be called “piano”.))))

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Thank you very much for your comment! I appreciate it !

You have in every chord the equally velocity, it makes the music monotonous. Velocity should not be the equally, then it will be more natural. And try a little bit to move notes relative to the grid, just a little bit in different directions, because on a real piano impossible play exactly on the grid, there is always a small deviation. Your music sounds very “Robotic”, But already better, idea is really good!

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It is much better!:+1: Still, needs a little improvement, and i totally agree what ScorpionProduction said as well:)

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@Phreaspirit, @ScorpionProduction , @ARCHIMUSIC Hi guys!!

I worked on this song.
I hope this song sound better.
Thank you very much for your help!!!

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Progress is very noticeable! Try to add also atmospheric pads or drones, then the track will be more airy and voluminous, and will be a great sound!

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Thank you !!! I appreciate it very very much !
Thanks for help !

You did it right! Keep it up!)

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@Phreaspirit Thank you !!
Thanks for your help !! I appreciate it !!

Wow, say hello to Dynamics! Much much better!

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@SixideBeats Thank you !!

much better !!! On the 33rd second - octave in the bass, I think not a lot of rough, and the 37th second of the fifth in the bass, a little bit softer do.

And the end: I think the ending would be like have a cut. I would be extended for another 2 cycles with a slowdown.

And since everything is OK!)))