Piano title got hard rejected (now approved!)

Hey there,

this title here …

… got rejected after one day already. Can somebody give me some feedback? Again I cannot hear any big difference to some trendy piano titles. Still it got rejected with (again) just the “no commercial quality standard” thing. This gets quite disencouraging as a composer with over 15 years of experience … :frowning:

Thank you all for your help and all the best!

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Dont know about piano junre, but this track can sound cooler with strings and maybe other tonal percussion like glocks)

Hey there,

thanks for your feedback. I somehow doubt that “missing instruments” are a reject reason (would be another genre and it’s quite a lot “matte of taste” then). Still thanks for your feedback. (=

The reason for the rejection could be the pedal noise at the end.

First of all: thanks for your feedback as well! :slight_smile:

A hard reject because of a natural pedal release noise? Why not a soft reject with a hint then while 99% of the track would be good enough, though? I really do not know what I should do now? Should I really just alter the ending and re-submit 99% of the same track? :frowning:

Edit: I’ll try something and consider your feedback. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

So I changed the track according to your feedbacks: I turned the pedal and key noises down so that they aren’t ddistracting anymore. I also added strings. I still added the “no strings” version as an additional version, though. Today I got another hard reject on this track. Here is the AJ preview containing both versions:

I am still wondering why. Could someone enlighten me, please? I am quite lost. :frowning:

Hi @EmotionTune,

beautiful piano track, I’m sorry for the rejection!

In my opinion, the main reason for the rejection could be the bright sound of your piano, you have to consider that your track can be used as background for a speaking voice, then it’s important using a more soft sound for this…
My advice is to make your piano more quiet, as reference you can listen to this author, who compose mainly piano tracks: https://audiojungle.net/user/marcozannone

Best wishes! :wink:

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Thanks for your feedback @Floberaudio! Nice interesting new point. I listened to the tracks you linked and I find the piano brightness quite similar. Do you maybe mean the “loudness” of the piano?

Nevertheless thanks for the great new input. I will listen to more tracks of this composer. There are some nice piano tracks there, for sure. Maybe it’s really just the piano sound.

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Yes, I meant a lighter, softer piano sound! :wink:

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Okay. Thank you for your feedback and your time! (=

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Hi !

About your last improvement, I believe your track is better with violins etc, but now I think this is the sound of the violins which are guilty, they sound a little too much “fake”, maybe it’s just a question of VST (I’m not a violin vST user so maybe my vision is not accurate);
But in any case the composition is great, maybe not enough commercial for AJ reviewer,

I heard a little bit of low frequency which are rumble a little so it create a “dirty” feelings and the piano is maybe a little to “aggressive”,
I think you have to think about Background music, your composition is made to fit with video, or fit with some voices etc,

I hope this help !!

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Hey @Osynthw, first of all thanks for your feedback. It really seems that I should rework the piano tune and probably the dynamics in the composition as well. Maybe it’s “too dynamic” in general, hm?

Regarding the strings: what exactly makes you think that the strings sound fake? It’s SampleModeling Strings (a rather a new and very good sample library, which mixes phyiscal modeling and samples in a clever way), so I think the “instrument” itself should not be the problem here. (-;

Maybe the mix is odd? I mixed the strings quite lower in volume than I do usually. Maybe this was a bad move?

Thanks for the feedback(s)! (=

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Hi :slight_smile:

Maybe this is the most important part yes !

About violins it’s pretty hard to say, I’m not expert at all so I won’t have an accurate point of view ! I guess it’s just my taste ?

The last advice that I could give you about rejection, (Because I’m probably the most rejected author here :sweat_smile: :rofl: ) is to move to something else,
Don’t waste to much time if you think there is too much issue to correct or whatever. Each finished track is a step forward, and step by step everything will improve and then approval will come !

DOn’t forget that AJ reviewer become really strict full, but don’t try to only please them, it’s a trap :slight_smile:

AND obviously there is ton of other library, AJ is not the center of the stock music world,
The market is over saturated and slow, so AJ is no more the leader, slow sales , slow views, and finally looks like other stock music website !

Time are hard so you have to find a place where your work could be accepted, Never give up about AJ even it’s hard and bad for self-confidence etc si for this track, just move on :slight_smile:

GOOD LUCK , just keep to work :slight_smile:


Hey @Osynthw, thanks again for your great and motivating feedback / reply! :slight_smile: I appreciate it. All the best to you as well! :slight_smile:

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The title was approved some days ago. Many thanks for all your input! (=


Congrats! Really enjoyed the composition.


I’m very glad for you, congratulation! Great romantic piano track! :slight_smile:

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Congrats !! :slight_smile: 100% deserved

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Thank you all. I really like this community! :hearts: :slight_smile: