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Hi guys, I’m back with my first new AJ upload for this year, and I have a super boring question - are brackets and dashes and such OK in item names?

I really don’t want to call an item Epic Trailer, so I would rather give it an “artistic” name and then put (Epic Trailer) in brackets. Although if anyone has an opinion about if descriptive names like “cinematic trailer” etc are really necessary, feel free to say something about that. All I see when I search these popular styles is endless tracks with the same name. :smiley:

Cheers and happy summer! :beer:

I’ve tried dashes but they didn’t work. I remember i saw recently a track with “remix” in brackets, not sure though.

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From everything I’ve read in these forum threads, there was a huge problem with keyword based names that caused the search algorithm to be changed late last year. It looks like a lot of people who used those keyword based names have complained about a loss of sales after the search engine change. That being said, it sounds to me like you want to avoid that and just give your song an original (artistic) name, then focus on adding really accurate keyword tags to your metadata.

My understanding of search engines is that they are mainly based on your tags and item descriptions. In most cases, your title doesn’t even factor in. Perhaps Envato had titles in the search, but wised up and removed the title from consideration or reduced its weighting, hence, causing people who relied on titles to lose sales.

If I was a buyer, and I saw a search result that had 100 songs, 90 of them with the same title, I would probably ignore most of those and listen to the ones with the more artistic names first. Use of artistic names says something about the composer’s creativity versus “the others” and the music might be less boring and more original.


Thanks for the reply. I totally agree, looking at a list of tracks all called Epic Trailer is just really boring. I’ll keep using less generic names, but in the case of the track that’s really a short trailer intro type of track, I wanted to make that clear in the name.

Not allowed.

What’s not allowed? I just clicked submit on a track with brackets in its name, so hopefully not that.

As I noted in my small experience, the exact name of the track is very important. When I started to load my work, I tried to give my works an original names. But after some time I thought it was bad for sales. I gave my tracks a simple names, such as “Hard rock”, “Dramatic piano,” and I thought it had a positive effect. I think when people are looking for tracks, In most cases they use descriptive names. Is probably best to use the original names when you become popular). It’s just my thoughts and observations, and I have looked trying to understand how it works).
Sorry for my English)

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I think you’re right about that, although there is another small thing which is the avatar art on the track as well. You can put across an idea of what kind of track it is with the art as well.

Absolutely agree with you, although I have heard opinions from experienced authors, that it does not matter, but I think it’s important.

Exactly that.

No brackets, no dashes, no parentheses. That’s why you don’t see them in the music lists. :slight_smile:

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