Names Of Items (duplicates of keywords)

Hello friends. What happens to the track titles? A large number of authors began to call their items with duplication of keywords. Examples: “Hip-Hop for Hip-Hop”, “Hip Hop On Hip Hop”, “Future Bass Is Future Bass” and etc. This greatly influences the search by keyword, tracks with duplicates in the titles go first and fresh tracks appear only on second/third pages. Also, these names look awful.
As one of the solutions, envato developers can prevent duplicate words in the name field on uploading page.
Thank you.


I’ve reported this already.

And +1 for more attention for the titles of featured tracks :slight_smile:


Absolutely agree! In That Future Bass… or Hip-Hop Is In The Hip-Hop :smiley: pff… such titles are absurd, banal! What is the meaning of using such titles?


I see “Upbeat Corporate is Upbeat Corporate or is it” is available, so dibs on that one.


Wow, what is happening? It’s not just a few authors doing this…

These are the first results for future bass and upbeat corporate:


Have anybody been in contact with support? This is beyond awkward madness.

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yep, it’s pretty terrible :frowning: And the worst part is that it affects the search results.
I was forced to re-name my track so that it would appear on the first search page for a keyword “Hip Hop”

Also new featured file - “Progressive Future Modern Is Progressive Future Modern” :frowning:
It is normal? I do not understand. Maybe i need to rename all my tracks in this way?

Crazy, so what is the limit, can you call a track Hip Hop is Hip Hop is Hip Hop and get even more weight to the search rank?

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“Hip Hop track is Hip Hop music from Hip Hop producer for Hip Hop listeners” :laughing:


Hi @KingDog

Can you please notify some developers about this? It seems to be way out of control already, spreading like a wild disease.


Names with keywords began to enrage me). and 6 months ago I started calling my tracks as I would call them if they were songs. and started renaming old ones as they were updated.

The search engine is designed so that the track name has a high priority. And if there are no keywords your track will be lost in the search. And I do not think that the buyer search by “Inception of Transformation”. Maybe it is worth at least at the end of your items names to prescribe a keyword.

May be. and I partly agree with you. But I noticed that regardless of the name, if there is a corresponding tag and a genre is indicated, then the track will still be shown when searching. And then the priority of sales and statistics of auditions.
The market is full. And all with the same name) I decided to try this way.

By the way, you paid attention to the “Inception of Transformation”)))) and if it called “Abstract Corporate Tehnology”, he would definitely be lost among others of the same kind) because I am a novice author. if I copy elite authors, I’ll get lost. This is a kind of experiment)

Future bass and hip hop are full of this kind of titles , looks pretty bad :frowning:

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After all these years, one might have hoped that Envato would weigh search results in favor of tags, not titles.

Instead, the absurd has just gotten “absurder”, and made the situation even worse.

Video producers I know have asked me about the titling conventions here at Audiojungle, and laugh when I explain.

Audiojungle titles are a source of ridicule, and are embarrassing as well as unprofessional.


And another, third in row (!) new featured track has followed this trend setting ridiculous title.

It looks very unprofessional for buyers, it’s unpractical in terms of search results and can be convinced as kind of cheating. I have reported this to help center but no specific response yet. And even more, somebody responsible for picking and managing featured items has no idea about the problem (?) and unwittingly popularizes this trend.

@KingDog you’ve seemed to take care about such reports. Are you the chain between staff and forum? :slight_smile: Can we forward to you such cases? By the way we still need somebody from the staff who will be dedicated to AJ problems like this.


I renamed my track, now it has a short title (it will be displayed on the main page later). All other questions - to the search engine. Probably it would be better if the search priority was by tags and not by names. I do not blame the authors who so call their products, everyone wants to have a place under the sun, everyone is looking for such a place.


I’ll check into it and see if I can find the ticket.



Thanks @KingDog! We already have no choice but to name our tracks “This Funny”, “To Stomp”, “That Quirky Is” “Be the Inspiring” which is absolutely ridiculous and unprofessional, but sadly the only way to get at least any visibilty with the current Search Engine settings. It would be humilliating to be forced to start naming everything as the current featured files are.

It’s also sad to see so many Elite authors adopting this absurd cheat. But hey, Audiojungle is Audiojungle, and it is what it is.

Cheers is the cheers!


The only authors that are to blame are the authors of the search engine algorithms. People who care about their business must obey the rules of the search engine. Any search engine. They are the rulers of the internet.

Change the (very primitive) search engine and the problem is solved. I don’t think anyone WANTS to name their track “Hello Is Hello Or Hello Is It Hello”… :slight_smile: